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Happy couple shaking hands after discussing life insurance offered by Mariela Insurance

Life Insurance

When we think of life insurance, the first thing that comes to our mind is death. We start wondering about our health, and as we answer to ourselves that pivotal question, we tend to disconnect from the wonderful idea that we really need to learn of the greatest in this important industry, Ben Feldman, said: “The basic purpose of life insurance is to create cash, nothing more or nothing less”. I invite you to contact me, in order to set up an appointment to further discuss what could be one of the most important decisions in your life.

Tax strategies through Mariela Insurance

Tax Strategies

Tax deductibles! Benefits for you as a business owner, and for your key employee (s) as well!

Were you aware that there’s a strategy that allows you to get such an important benefit?

Let’s start with the very simple step of setting an appointment. You’ll be surprised to find out how easy it is to implement it.

Young couple thinking about business continuation with Mariela Insurance

Business Continuation

Had you asked yourself: “do i have a plan to protect my business? the type of plan of action that will give me peace of mind and let me sleep better, instead of thinking constantly how would it survive if one of the key pieces were no longer around? Indexed strategies, are one of the preferred items these days by the business community, in order to cover all the bases when it comes to financial stability. So, let’s talk.